Carnac heritage

Patrimoine à Carnac le clocher de l'église Saint Cornély

Take a guided tour and set off to discover the religious and architectural heritage of Carnac, where some true historical treasures await you.

During your walks, we invite you to discover the city’s cultural heritage, from the village of Carnac with its majestic 17th-century church to Carnac-Plage and its remarkable seaside architecture with its elegant villas and the Tumulus St Michel and the Chapel at the top.

The authentic village of Saint Colomban with its stone houses and chapel and the typical villages of Kergroix, La Madeleine and Coëtatous with their magnificent chapels are just as charming, not to mention the fountains, calvaries and crosses that line Carnac’s roads and footpaths.

Discover the religious and architectural heritage of Carnac, including its churches, chapels and villas.