Motorhome campsites in Carnac

L'aire de Camping-Car de Carnac

overnight parking

free parking area for motorhomes is open 24 hours a day near the Alignements du Ménec. Located at Kerbus, it is accessible from the road to Auray (Route du Purgatoire). Completion work is to be carried out soon.

Service area

1.5 km from the beach and 500 metres from the standing stones of Carnac, the camper van service area is at the Square Illertissen, rue St Cornély in Carnac. There are drainage facilities and electricity for € 2.


Some campsites in Carnac also have paid terminals for camper vans to meet the needs of the large numbers of tourists who flock in Morbihan, and Brittany generally during the summer holidays. For more information on all nearby service areas for camper vans, check the list of campsites offering this service.


Parking a motorhome in the car parks is authorised during the day (from 9 am to 9 pm), as for any other vehicle, except where signs indicate otherwise and in sensitive areas (around Saint-Colomban and Anse du Pô).