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While on holiday in Carnac, why not take a guided tour and discover the treasures of the town — the lovely church, several chapels, and its fountains.

Church of St Cornély

The Church of Saint Cornély A seventeenth century church dedicated to Saint Cornely, protector of horned cattle; his statue perched on the pediment above the west door. This building is known as one of the finest Renaissance monuments in Morbihan. The porch on the north face is surmounted by a crown-shaped canopy of granite, unique in Brittany.

The interior houses an 18th century organ, seven hundred square metres of decorated paneled arches, the pulpit and the wrought iron gate, the choir, the high altar and side altars with their altar pieces. Guided visited are organized in July and August.


Chapel de St Colomban

La Chapelle Saint Colomban, built in the flamboyant Gothic style, dates from the end of the sixteenth century. It belonged to the Irish monk Saint Columba, the patron saint of fools, who settled in the Brittany region in 610. To the east of the village, with its granite houses, is the fountain of Saint Colomban, which has two drinking pools. The wash house was a meeting place for the village women. South of the village, by the sea, are two chimneys, the remains of a forge.

Chapel of St Michel

The Chapel of Saint Michel de Carnac was rebuilt around 1813 and again in 1925 on the same plans as the original chapel dating from 1664. It is located on the highest point of the town, the tumulus hill. Below is St Michel devotional fountain. Women whose husbands were at sea, used to sweep the chapel in the direction they wanted to see the wind blow. Then they would to pray at the fountain and drink the water. St Michel's saints day is in September. There is an orientation table at the high point of the hill.

Chapel of Kergroix

The Kergroix chapel dates back to the 16th century, although it was rebuilt in 1951. The Forgiveness of Our Lady of the Cross is celebrated in September. The chapel is open to the public all summer.

Chapel of La Madeleine

The site of the chapel was once a leper colony. The present chapel was rebuilt in 1976. It is open and tended by local people in the summer. The most important service takes place in July. Next to the chapel, you will discover the fountain, the source of which is said to cure fever and skin diseases.


Chapel of the Madeleine

Continue your walk towards the Chapel of Hahon and the Chapel of Coet, both to the North of Carnac.


Download the chapel trail here

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