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Tro Vraz trail

Couple sur le circuit du Tro Vraz à Carnac, ruisseau le Gouyanzeur

Details of the course


15 km






Trail n°4


Departure: Place de l'Eglise, town center

This trail has been specially designed to introduce visitors to the countryside around Carnac. Cross the village of Ménec, entirely surrounded by a circle of seventy standing stones, then continue towards Kermario, passing the “Krifol,” an isolated menhir which has lots of legends attached to it. Before arriving at the old village of Kerlann, you cross a lovely little wood, where you may see small squirrels running around. The trail next leads to the Mané Kerioned Dolmen and then pass by the chapel of Kergroix. A little further on is the Kergoix wash house. Finally, before returning to your starting point, you will visit an exceptional megalithic site, the quadrilateral and the “Géant du Manio”, the largest stone still standing in Carnac, 6 meters high.