Standing stones from Ménec at Carnac

Les alignements du Ménec à Carnac

Sites are divided into three fields of menhirs. The site of Ménec is located on the West of Carnac. It is the starting point of sites, where is the “Maison des Mégalithes”, reception and information centre of the megalithic sites.

This group is constituted of 1050 stones lined up on 11 queues. A series of more or less parallel queues where megaliths are rather regularly spaced out. Menec site stretches over 1 km and is the most representative group of menhirs.

The site starts with a cromlech composed of 71 blocks, where the village of Ménec was built. Toul Chignan is east of the field of Ménec and collides with a surrounding wall.