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Beaches and villas

Sheltered and sunny, the five beaches near Carnac are much appreciated by families for the fine sand, a gentle slopes to the sea and the wonderfully invigorating and crystal clear waters.

Sand castles, swimming, fishing, walking, water sports, or just sunbathing, the beaches at Carnac offer a range of activities for holidaymakers in Morbihan. Each beach has its own personality — shady, sunny, for families or more intimate... the choice is yours!

The water quality at Carnac has been certified high quality since 2007 and has been classified under Zone A (good quality water) since 2009. Replenishing, reassuring and relaxing!


The villas of Carnac

Carnac's splendid early 20th century villas also impress visitors, as they rise up from the dune. The brothers Jamet built the first villas and were also architects of the abbeys of Kergonan and Plouharnel. Becase when they were built there was no running water system, each villa was built to hide the water cisterns of the house behind. A perfect example of 1900–1930 Breton seaside architecture, they line the beaches of the town and offer a panoramic view over the bay of Quiberon.

Villa Velleda, Yonnick Ker Margared Ker Melenec, the Grand Hotel... discover the villas of Carnac while having fun with the treasure hunt game "A la recherche des cartes perdues de Carnac" or tracing the history of the villas with the “A la recherche des première villas de Carnac Plage" tour.

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