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• Market all year round

Wednesday and Sunday: St Fiacre car park in Carnac, from 7:30 am to 1 pm



  • Monday: Auray
  • Tuesday: La Trinité sur Mer, Locmariaquer Etel
  • Thursday: Vannes and Lorient
  • Saturday: Auray (organic market from 5 pm), St Pierre Quiberon, Erdeven Hennebont
  • Friday: La Trinité sur Mer, Plouharnel, Auray (farmers markets)
  • Sunday: Quiberon, Vannes, Lorient Locmariaquer (summer)


• Night Market in July and August

Thursday: in the streets of Carnac City, from 6 to 11 pm

Program, Breton musical entertainment with bombarde players and music groups from Brittany.



  • Monday: Erdeven (from 16 pm), Plouhinec, Arzon
  • Tuesday: Port Louis (from 7.30 pm) The Guerno
  • Thursday: Quiberon
  • Saturday: Ploemeur (from 7 pm)
  • Friday: (from 4 pm) Pénestin, Etel
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