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Saint Colomban trail

Circuit du chemin de messe de Saint Colomban à Carnac

Details of the course








Trail n°1


Departure: Place de l'Eglise, town center

This trail takes you through the countryside to the edge of the sea, then along the coastal by the sometimes rocky, sometimes sandy shoreline. This path was once the only access to St. Colomban from the town and it was used by villagers up until a hundred years ago. You’ll discover the marvellous view over the village of Saint-Colomban and the Anse de Pô, oysterfarming parks. Stop for a moment at the Fontaine Saint-Colomban. This 16th century devotional fountain built in local granite is a classified historical monument. Its waters were renowned for curing madness and giving intelligence. Pass through the village of St Colomban with its gothic chapel. Then, direction to the beach of St Colomban where you can admire the view of the peninsula of Quiberon. Walk along Ty Bihan and Legenese beaches to lead to the Yacht Club. Go to Port En Dro in direction of Croix des Emigrés before coming back in the starting point.