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Megaliths trail

  • Saint Michel chapel
  • Kermario alignments
  • Menec alignments

Length of the route : 7km  Difficulty : Easy         Trail signs : Trail n°2



Start point : Place de l'Eglise, town center


This tour will take you to the part of the town where all the megalithic monuments are to be found. Passing below the tumulus of Saint Michel, you can see the chapel above it. You can go on the top to admire the chapel and the panoramic view. Discover a calvary and a viewpoint indicator. A narrow road leads to the Saint-Michel fountain, a place of worship and pilgrimage. Next, pass through the charming village of Cloucarnac and climb up the hill to the fabulous standing stones of Kermario, 1200m of length with 1029 stones. Walk along the site of Menec to the north which is the most representative with 1099 stones. The highest stones are more than 4 meters high. Go to the tourist office by passing the Audran cross, then to the tumulus by the St Michel fountain.


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